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    Valor Excel Sheet

    I know that many serious Valorians use MS Excel to keep track of their Valor cities. I decided to share mine (developed over the course of an older world) and I'll update it from time to time with bug fixes and suggestions any of you may have to improve it for the community.

    Download Below
    Master Sheet Distro (V1.181)
    - Created a public password (GreatSphinx07) for the following tabs:
    - - Overview
    - - Names
    - - Land Time
    - - Launch Time
    - - Valor
    - NOTE: More unsuccessful attempts at figuring out the precise behavior of the Battle System are noticeable in several places throughout this sheet. The Battle Sim is not fully operational
    Master Sheet Distro (V1.179)
    - Updated Auto Filters (Macros need to be enabled)
    - Cleaned out my old city information (download V1.173 for example of sheet usage)
    - Expanded Guild Logs to 100 players
    - Minor Aesthetic improvements to Attack Table
    - Deleted un-needed hidden pages.

    Master Sheet Distro (V1.173)


    Overview Page
    This is a very basic overview page. It has a breakdown of some built-in filters, and a map showing how many cites you have in a particular region, as well as a count of your total troops.

    City Organizer
    Some people use name sequences for figuring out where cities are, but for people like me who use names, things become a little disorganized. The city planner lets you input your city name and coordinates. This will automatically calculate your region. Additionally, you can keep track of how many troops you have in a city, and make basic notes on any resources you have shipping out/in.

    I have basic tags for city type (A = Attack, D = Defense, S = Scholar or Split (whatever)) and a Status tag (Ready, Attacking, Supporting, Building). There are filters applied to this page so you can sort by Region, Field Distance (for another page), City Type, Status, and the various troop types).

    Attack Table
    Some of you may be familiar with the Battle Planner on the iTunes store. It's a great app but the way it would crash annoyed me to no end. So I created an Attack Table that does the same thing as the Battle Planner, up to 40 Attacks.

    Note: I've shared my sheet with a few guild mates, and some Windows users reported having trouble with the drop down menu's I used for the Unit Selector. I think this is a Mac-to-Windows issue with Excels' developer tab.

    Claims Sheet
    This was a joint task between myself and an ally. We were tired of a crossfires so we created an online claims sheet for the alliance to use. It majorly cut back on time wasted with crossfire and it creates a nicely formatted list for KakaoTalk coordination rooms. The Basic idea, is that if the same coordinate pair is typed in twice, you're alerted so you can deny a claim.

    Various Calculators, including operational Land/Launch Travel Time Calculators.
    Additionally, there is a working-progress Simulator, with a built-in travel time and haul calc.

    Info Page
    Basic Valor Info page with data for how much food building upgrades take and wall bonuses.

    Guild Tracker / Log
    Gotta' tell you, these are handy in a war. My trackers currently only holds information for up to 25 players right now. (At least I think that's what I stopped it at.)

    But it lets you track the number of truces, the point growth between your current and last record, the percent growth between the current and last record, sequential instances/days of no growth, and overall guild growth (points and percentages).

    There are four of these available:
    1 - Personal Guild
    2 - Enemy Guild
    3 - Watched Guild
    4 - Watched Guild
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    Nice work on that one bud. More to the point though, good work on releasing this to the 'public'.
    ┏( -_-)┛..::LtFarrk::..┗(-_- )┓

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    Lion of Valor LordFirefall's Avatar
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    Definitely nice work
    W95 Praetorian Guard Guild Leader
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    Great work .. love it.

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    Very cool, kudos for the public release.

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    Glad you all like it. I uploaded a new version that is blank with a few modifications.

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    Having done nearly the same work, I gratz the work made...

    Contact me and/or I'll contact you if anyone of us find the mechanics of scouts fighting, rams and ballistas leveling down, ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by MyName999 View Post
    Having done nearly the same work, I gratz the work made...

    Contact me and/or I'll contact you if anyone of us find the mechanics of scouts fighting, rams and ballistas leveling down, ...

    The formula for scouts is as follows:
    Attacker Scout Loss:
    (Attacking Scouts * -8%) + (Defending Scouts * 50%)
    (Attacking Scouts * -0.08) + (Defending Scouts * 0.5)

    Defending Scouts die as normal troops

    I've figured out some of the wall/rams/ballista but not enough to have it operational in Excel yet.

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    Great thx for the info

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    Pretty useful, I used to use that too.

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